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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Unveiling the Craft Room

Yep, you heard right. A year and a half ago I had no more than a small plastic box to house my crafty bits & bobs. Now, I have a room. And it's a necessary room, I'll have you know. I have somehow accumulated such masses of stationery and the likes of, that I didn't think it possible.

Christopher painted the room just after Christmas. Pretty much everything arrived from Ikea just before New Year's Day, and it was up and ready within 2 days! It's working wonderfully and I'm proud to say it's still unbelievably tidy. "Yeah right!" I hear you say. It's true though - now it's beautifully organised I have found so much want within myself to keep it neat and organised, and boy oh boy does it feel fab.

And that's that!

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