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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Free Printable (Personal Size) - Positive Quotes

Hi All,

I've been so busy setting up several organizers recently (not just for me!) that I've been neglecting my most recently acquired family member; a lovely blue Calipso compact. I was struggling to bond with this planner, but no trades seem to be coming my way, and so I thought I'd set her up as an ED recovery planner. I've just started designing some printables, as I can't find many relevant to myself on Pinterest etc.

Aside from all the doom & gloom that I anticipate the planner to reflect (e,g. binges, purges etc), I thought I'd add in a few pages of positive quotes to remind myself that not everything is bad, and to hopefully help me put my mind in a good place. I always find that reading something positive can make me feel a tad better if I'm in the right frame of mind.

Here's a couple of the pages printed, with the addition of a little washi. Who doesn't love washi?!

These printables are designed to suit PERSONAL sized paper, so you can print directly onto personal sized paper, or print on paper that is larger and then further trim to size. There is a good tutorial for printing on personal paper on the Philofaxy website. The tutorial / guidelines can be found here.

The printables can be found here (Jumpshare) in ,PDF format.

The font was designed by a lady on Facebook called Winter Victorian, and isn't free, so you'll have to pay for it if you want it.

Please use, but don't abuse. I spent my free time making these for you, and would hate to have to watermark or charge for (or both) little bits and bobs like this, just because some people see £ signs.

Enjoy! Feedback would be good, too!


  1. I adore these Hannah! I can't wait to print my own!

  2. I love the blue Calipso! I will pop back to download the printable for sure! Xx